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We specialise in custom made wedding DVD's.

6 DVDs supplied (1 Master 5 Edited)

Coverage Options:
• Groom's House
• Bride's House
• Ceremony
• Photo Venues
• Reception

Included Enhancements
• Childhood photos – supply early photos of yourselves to appear at the start of the video.
• Music – dubbed music of your choice can be placed at any point in the video.
• End Highlights - Flashbacks of the main movie are composed in a song style clip at the end of the video.
• Titles - credits styled in your choice of font detail the names of your bridal party and the venues you attended, to finish the video off like the end of a movie.

Audio is just as important as the pictures. Therefore a discreetly fitted microphone is fitted to the groom's jacket during the ceremony, ensuring your wedding vows will be clearly heard on the video. Additional microphones are also strategically placed to pick up clear audio as required.

An additional high quality video camera is always on standby. This second camera can also be used during the ceremony to capture a different angle for later inserting during the editing.

For peace of mind, if you have a rehearsal, this is a good opportunity for us all to meet up just prior to the big day. It will also give me a chance to speak with the minister, to ensure best positioning of the camera during the ceremony, with minimal intrusion.

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